Jérôme Cusin

Jerome Cusin / Жером Кузан
Actor / Актер

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Personal details

Sex Male
Age range 30 - 45
Build Athletic
Height 184
Hair Dark blonde
Eye colour Blue
Vocal pitch, dubbing voice Baritone





Languages French (mother tongue)
English – American (fluent)
English (fluent)
Russian (fluent)
German (basic)
Italian (basic)
Accents French (native accent)
Russian (fluent)
Sports Martial arts (very good)
Golf (very good)
Judo (very good)
Kayak (very good)
Kick boxing (very good)
Rollerskating (very good)
Roller blading (very good)
Bowling (good)
Boxing (good)
Thai boxing (good)
Sword fighting (good)
Stage fighting (good)
Cycling (good)
Abseiling (good)
DL - Defense Lab / DNA Fight Science System (good)
Horseback riding (good)
Rock climbing (good)
Fencing (good)
Gym (good)
Weights (good)
Hockey (good)
Ice hockey (good)
Jiu-Jitsu (good)
Jogging (good)
Canoe (good)
Ice skating (good)
Ballsport (good)
Rafting (good)
Rugby (good)
Tennis (good)
Table tennis (good)
Archery (good)
Mountain biking (good)
Rings (basic)
Camel riding (basic)
Swimming (basic)
Skateboarding (basic)
Trampoline (basic)
Dance Tango (basic)
Singing Chanson (good)
Choral Singing (good)
Jazz (good)
Pop (good)
Rock (good)
Pop song (good)
Traditional folk (good)
A Cappella (basic)
Classical (basic)
Musical instruments Piano (good)
Guitar (basic)






2020 - 2021 BANANA
Supporting Lead
Director: Aurélien Héraud / Olivier Héraud
2018 Brain Rain
Jack Lead
Director: Julien de Sousa
2017 Le Bal Rêvé du Bal Rêvé…
Supporting Lead
Director: William Below / Alberto Sorbelli
2016 Lumière Amoureuse
Small role
Director: Franchin Don et Li Fang Wan
2015 Amour
Supporting Lead
Director: Aliona Zagurovska - Алёна Згуровская
2014 Hiatus - Entre-Deux
Guest role
Director: Franchin DON
2013 Aventure d'un soir
Supporting Lead
Director: Cai Guo-Qiang 蔡国强, Jerome Walter Gueguen
2012 - 2014 Vasilisa / Василиса
Capitaine Blier - Капитан Блие Supporting Lead
Director: Anton Sivers - Антон Сиверс
2010 La Rafle - Облава
Small role
Director: Roselyne Bosch


2016 - 2017 Julie
Alex Vailly Supporting actor
Director: Camille Chastrusse / Quentin Dupuy
2012 - 2014 Vasilisa / Василиса
Capitaine Blier - Капитан Блие Supporting Lead
Director: Anton Sivers - Антон Сиверс
2010 Profilage, Renaissance
Small role
Director: Pascal Lahmani


2020 Terrasse Itinérante
Supporting Lead
Director: Naïma Taleb
2020 - 2021 Land and Freedom - d’après le film de Ken Loach
Member of ensemble
Director: Pierre Hoden
2016 Il faut toujours viser à la tête
Boniface Supporting Lead
Director: Emile Salimov
2015 Danse Toujours Tout Seul en Sous-sol
Supporting Lead
Director: Julien Bal / Tristan Sébenne
2015 Des Orphées
Supporting Lead
Director: Julien Bal
2015 L'espoir et la Liberté
Supporting Lead
Director: Lucie Berelowitsch et et Vincentci Debost
2014 Il Giorno In Cui Ci Siamo Incontrati E Non Ci Siamo Riconosciuti
Supporting Lead
Director: Giuseppe Sollazzo
2011 Vive Henri IV ou la Galigaï
Concini Supporting Lead
Director: Paola Greco
Supporting actor
Director: Gilles Troulet










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